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Welcome to Wood Craft Originals .com

We offer the finest hand crafted wood turnings available -- from our sturdy and decorative bowls and lidded boxes, to our feather weight hollow turned ornaments (the lightest you'll find anywhere!).
All items are one of a kind, and when sold, they cannot be duplicated. Wood has a character and quality which is unique to each species, and to each piece. No two objects made from wood can ever be identical. Beyond that essential fact, we do not attempt to duplicate or recreate a piece we've already made. We allow the wood to tell us what it wants to be, and often have waited years for the wood to speak, and for the missing parts to complete the project.

The walnut in the two solid-block bowl turnings and the vase waited almost a half-century before being turned, and our purple heart waited almost twice as long. Patience is hallmark of Woodcraft Originals.

To truly appreciate our items, the exquisite craftsmanship and fine exotic woods, you need to hold them in your hands. In the past, this was possible only during our trade and crafts shows. The rest of year, they remained hidden away in our treasure room and workshop.

Formerly available only during our trade and craft show appearances, our available items are now on display year-round at PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop in Pittsburgh, PA.

We cannot take requests for items. We make what we can from the wood we have available.

This website will contain a Gallery of our sold items, and a catalog of what items we still have available. You can purchase any item by calling PUGDOG's Rock & Bead Shop. While we will keep the website up to date, all items are subject to prior sale.